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Fira Santorini Greece

The town of Fira is the capital of Santorini and 10km from the main port of Athinaios. Fira is located on the west side of the island and has approximately 1600 resedents.

Due to it’s geological position at the end of an imposing cliff 260 metres above sea level, the village offers some amazing views of the caldera and volcano.

Fira - Santorini

Fira – Santorini

During the earthquake in 1956 a large part of the island was destroyed, including parts of Fira. Fortunately, some of the 18th century buildings were saved and did not suffer too much damage.

During the summer months in high season, Fira is one of the most busiest parts of the island although there are parts of the town where quiet spots can be found to enjoy the amazing views of the island.

The main streets are filled with restaurants and tavernas, cafes, bars and shops. It is a very beautiful town, and one that every visitor to the island will pass through. The houses and buildings in Fira are very traditional looking – white houses with blue doors set against a backdrop of blue domed churches.

In Fira is the archaelogical museum where you can view a wonderful array of items and artifacts that have been excavated from the ancient Minoan settlement of Akrotiri.

Looking down at the caldera from Fira

Looking down at the caldera from Fira

Also worth visiting is a museum showing photos and pictures of Fira before and after the 1956 earthquake called the Megaron Gyzi Museum.

Fira also has a port where visitors can take a boat trip around the caldera and to the volcano islands. Fira has much to offer visitors and when you visit here, you will see why it is refered to by many as being the heart of Santorini.