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Agia Paraskevi Santorini Greece


The charming coastal town of Agia Paraskevi ( Monolithis ) is located on the eastern side of Santorini just a short distance from the airport. Agia Paraskevi is a very quiet and traditional town and one that is ideal for those who seek to escape from the crowds and noise[…]

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Akrotiri Santorini Greece


The village of Akrotiri, which was originally a Minoan settlement, is situated right next to the famous Red Beach. Akrotiri is a very interesting village, and one that every visitor to Santorini should try and visit. You can enjoy a walk around the winding stone streets, passing by a variety of[…]

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Emporio Santorini Greece


The traditional village Emporio is located on the south of Santorini and is approximately 8km from the capital town of Fira. The village of Emborio has a vast number of vineyards, creating a very rich and impressive landscape. On the hillside on the east of Emborio is a hill with a[…]

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Exo Gonia Santorini Greece


The small village of Exo Gonia is built on the slopes of Mesa Vouno and is 12 km from the capital town of Fira. The village is very traditional and old fashioned with very few resedents. It is a very peaceful and tranquil part of the island. The streets are[…]

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Fira Santorini Greece


The town of Fira is the capital of Santorini and 10km from the main port of Athinaios. Fira is located on the west side of the island and has approximately 1600 resedents. Due to it’s geological position at the end of an imposing cliff 260 metres above sea level, the[…]

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Firostefani Santorini Greece


The picturesque town of Firostefani is situated 2km north of Fira, and is a very popular destination for travellers to Santorini. The town mainly consists of hotels, rooms, studios and villas and has a few restaurants and cafes. It is a part of Santorini that many visitors will pass through[…]

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Imerovigli Santorini Greece


The picturesque area of Imerovigli is almost an extension of the capital town of Fira. Located right next to Fira but on a slightly higher elvation, the town of Imerovgli is one of great charm and beauty. One of the most famous parts of Imerovigli is that of Skaros, which[…]

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Kamari Santorini Greece


Kamari is a tourist hot spot located on the south eastern part of Santorini, approximately 8km away from the capital town of Fira. During the 1956 earthquake most of this village was destroyed and it has since been completely rebuilt. Kamari has a beautiful beach covered with black pebbles and is[…]

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Karterados Santorini Greece


The village Karterados is situated 2km south east of Fira and is the closest village to the airport in Santorini. The village is a very traditional looking one with many vineyards and historical Santorini architecture. The colourful gardens and flowers create a very relaxing and charming setting. For the travellers[…]

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Megalochori Santorini Greece


Situated between Pyrgos, Akrotiri and Emborio, the village of Megalachori is located on a hill facing the east side of Santorini. The village has quite a few permanent residents in the numberous picturesque small white houses and the area is also one that attracts many tourists to the area. There[…]

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Messaria Santorini Greece

The village of Messaria is a village that every traveler to the island should try and visit due to its outstanding architecture, gardens and vineyards. It is situated approximately 3 km south east of Fira and is a calm and peaceful village, which has managed to maintain it’s traditional style and atmosphere,[…]

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Oia Santorini Greece


The town of Oia ( pronounced Ia ) is located at the northern part of Santorini, 11km north west of Fira. It is one of the most beautiful and famous villages in Santorini, and is home to what many consider the best sunset on the island. The geographic position of Oia[…]

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Perissa Santorini Greece


The beautiful coastal town of Perissa is situated approximately 15 km from the capital of Fira, and is a very popular tourist resort on the island. The beach here in Perissa is a very long black sandy beach and at the end is an enormous rock called Mesa Vouno that[…]

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Perivolos Santorini Greece


The beach and coastal area of Perivolos is located between the resort of Perissa and the Vlychada beach. It is an extremely popular destination during the summer months for those who head here to enjoy the beautiful black beach and the crystal blue waters of the Aegean. All along the[…]

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Pyrgos Santorini Greece


The picturesque village of Pyrgos is built on the slopes of a hill and was the capital of Santorini up until early 1800. Because of it’s geographic location on the top of a hill, the village of Pyrgos offers some truly wonderful panoramic views. The village is famous for it’s churches,[…]

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Thirassia Santorini Greece


Located just off the north of the island virtually oppositre Oia and is where you will find Thirassia, the only islet of Santorini that is inhabited. The main village is called Horio can be reached from the harbous, following a path with approximately 250 steps. There are a few rooms[…]

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Vlychada Santorini Greece

Vlychada is a small coastal town located on the south side of Santorini and is one of immense beauty and charm. It is a place that many people chose to visit due to the very peaceful and tranquil setting you can find here. Along the coast are a wide range[…]

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Vothonas Santorini Greece

Vothonas is a small picturesque town located 6km south east of Fira. It is a very quiet and charming village. The white domed houses situated in Vothonas have been dug into the walls of the hills and caves, offering them protection from violent storms. The small church of St. Anna[…]

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Vourvoulos Santorini Greece

Vourvoulos is a very traditional village located on the northern side of Santorini approximately 2.5km from the capital town of Fira. There is some amazing views of the island from Vourvoulos and the secluded beach is perfect for relaxing and sunbathing by the sea. It’s famous black sand make the[…]

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