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Messaria Santorini Greece

The village of Messaria is a village that every traveler to the island should try and visit due to its outstanding architecture, gardens and vineyards.

It is situated approximately 3 km south east of Fira and is a calm and peaceful village, which has managed to maintain it’s traditional style and atmosphere, away from the crowds of some of the other more touristy places on the island.

One place definitely worth visiting is the impressive Agyros traditional mansion, which was originally built in 1888 and was completely restored after the 1956 earthquake.

The mansion is a fantastic example of the traditional architecture of Santorini.

The beautiful church of Metamorphosis of Sotiros, built between 1680 and 1700, is also worth visiting, as is the nearby Metropolis church. Messaria is a very charming town, and well worth visiting if you have the chance.