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Thirassia Santorini Greece

Located just off the north of the island virtually oppositre Oia and is where you will find Thirassia, the only islet of Santorini that is inhabited.

The main village is called Horio can be reached from the harbous, following a path with approximately 250 steps.

Thirassia - Santorini

Thirassia – Santorini

There are a few rooms you can rent on the island, but availability is often limited, so it is best to book ahead if you plan to stay a night or two here.

During the summer season you can enjoy a boat trip to the island which usually includes a stop at the volcano on its way to Thirassia.

The island of Thirassia provides an interesting insight to how Santorini would have been before it was discovered by tourists.

Simple, peaceful and charming – Thirassia is well worth visiting, even if only for a few hours during a day trip via boat.